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X-Men Evolution Rogue - WIP - Progress Book

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I've decided to make a costume from a character I've loved for many years.

I have a month to put this together!

Let's break this down!

Item list:

- Wig

- Crop Top

- Green Net Top

- Chocker

- PVC Skirt

- Wrist cuffs x 2

- Black tights

- Driving Gloves

- Black Combat boots with Green straps

- Brown Great coat


Wig: (Finished!)

I purchased a cheap wig from AliExpress (here) because I'm trying to keep costs down, normally id have gone for a custom lace front but thought id take a gamble on this, or at least this wig plus some adjustments.

This took about 10 days to arrive which honesty is pretty good, cant complain. I also got a discount voucher.

When the wig arrived it was not as long as I was expecting and I tad more light coloured. I tried it on and found that it really didn't suit me at that length and colour. Thankfully I have a box of wig wefts in different colours I've collected over the years so I went about adding some in to give it more length, depth and thickness.

The new wefts really helped and I'm much happier with it now!

Final Cost: £18


Crop Top (Finished!)

The design of this top to me seemed more like a shorter tank top, as the arm straps are wider than found on most modern crop tops.

This part was thus very simple. I purchased a cheap black tank top, with the straps I preferred and while wearing it, measured how short I wanted it to be.

I then cut off the excess and re-hemed the bottom using a zig tag stitch (for stretch)

Total Cost: £2.50


Green Net Top

As I want to avoid needing a zip in the back of the top I decided I needed a stretch fabric, finding one in the right style (mesh) and colour (bottle green) was not easy. Eventually after a number of companies and samples I settled on a lovely green power-mesh from FunkiFabrics

As for style, I wanted a pattern with a turtle neck, loose body and wide long sleeves. For this I am using Misses Blouses Simplicity Sewing Pattern 8737, purchased from Sew Essential

I will be using the body and Collar of style A with the sleeves of Style B.

Using a stretch fabric this should allow me to forgo the Zip in the back.

I've never made a whole garment using only net before, so at this stage I am unsure how I wish to finish the edges (as a standard hem would make the colour stronger and create clear "lines"

12/09/2019: Currently waiting on fabric delivery, pattern is prepped.

15/09/2019: Fabric has arrived!

I have to say, cutting this fabric and sewing it is an utter CHORE. Its just so flimsy and light weight!

On any section fo the top that needs stretch I am using a zig zag stitch (aka collar, arm holes) and anything not needing it it getting a straight stitch.

I ran out of thread so I only got the main body together and one arm on, no hemming yet so thats a problem for future me to solve!







Top Total Cost: £44.74


Chocker & Cuffs (Finished!)

As these have the same design, I am making them at the same time.

I started by purchasing Black High Gloss Leather look PVC Fabric with NO stretch, this is because I intend to add pop snaps and interfacing and a stretch fabric would get in the way of that.

I cut strips on the PVC and matching interfacing and ironed them with a protective cloth. I found if I left the iron on too long id actually melt the front of the PVC so I had to be careful and pay attention.

I then sewed them into tubes and turned them the right way out. As I couldn't iron them I decided to add a black top stitch detail. The trick to putting sticky fabric through your sewing machine is to dust the fabric with talc (or in my face, a makeup compact in a colour that didn't suit me). After that just wipe the powder off! (with windex for this fabric...)

I decided to close the cuffs and collar with some silver pop snaps. I always forget how to use these so it takes a few mangled ones on scrap to remember which part goes where!

For the large "studs" I had hoped to find domed studs in a size i liked but alas could not. So instead I purchased domed buttons in a style I liked, painted them with 2 types of gilding wax, cut the backs off them and glued them to the collar and bracelets at the same distance apart.

Total Cost: £12


Skirt - (Finished!)

I have been unable to source the fabric I need in a decent price, however there are plenty of the type of skirt I need on ebay, sometimes its just not worth the hassle. I know I could make it, thats all I need to know!

The downside to buying online however is not being able to pick skirt length. The one i've found is about 1" too short for comfort but with opaque black tights going on under, I doubt this should be much of an issue

Skirt cost: £6.50


Black Tights

The criteria I have set for these tights are:

  • Heat/Warming material (as wearing in winter)

  • No seam on front of tight (as will show on skirt)

  • Deep black

  • Not too high waisted

I'll look for these last, there are criteria I can drop if need be.


Driving Gloves (Finished!)

The style of glove Rogue wears is called a driving glove. It is characterised by the open wrist detail with strap closure. To my EXTREME irritation most modern versions of this glove also include a cut out on the knuckles, which is not wanted for this look. I have been scouring ebay for days looking for something that has the right look and won't break the bank.

I have a bid in on a pair atm, wish me luck!

Update: 1/10/2019: I won the auction and they have arrived. Just perfect!

Final cost: £11.89


Boots - (Finished!)

Since the style of boot rogue wears is similar to what I normally wear I wanted a shoe that I could add the green straps to and remove without damage. That way the shoe is used for more than one cosplay. And since my normal shoes had just finished falling apart after a year of wear it seemed practical to be smart with what shoe I found.

I wanted it to be a "chunky" sole to try get that look hers in the show have.

I found a boot with straps already on them, this allowed me to use fabric from my top (aka left over from the top I destroyed) to sew tubes of fabric, these tubes then get slipped over the current strap and buckled into place.

I've already worn these out for a days errands, need some inserts but otherwise should be a nice comfy con shoe for ONCE

Total Cost: £24


Great Coat - (Finished!)

Left: Coat | Upper right: Torn hem | Lower right: Repaired hem

So the criteria I had for the coat was annoying:

  • Under £30

  • Brown

  • Wool

  • Pockets

  • Knee Length

  • Pop collar

I searched on ebay for AGES. First I purchased a 1951 coat second hand but when it arrived it fit badly and was the wrong colour, I felt I could do better, Lucky me I put it back on the market and sold it for £8 more then I bought it for (HURRAY) Finally i found a second hand Zara coat for £22.00 that advertised minor damage so I took a punt and got it! When it arrived the damage was a tear to the lining in the left armpit. Using an invisible (blind) stitch I repaired it .

I then steamed the coat and hung it up to get that musty smell out of it (along with spraying it down with a fabric softener mix)

I am thinking of sewing some pocket pouches to the spine to slip heated pads in as when im planning to wear this the weather is looking grim.

Total cost: £22.99 - £8 sale = £14.99



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