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Supergirl - DC Super Hero Girls Costume Build

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In this time of lockdowns, I was looking for a project to ease me back into making things cause my life has been a dumpster fire and who needs the added stress of a major build. For ages I've wanted to make the super cute design from the DC Super Hero Girls cartoon. It looks comfy! ( I also kinda wanna build starfire?)

SO lets begin this build

Reference art


Lucky for me I already own a wig perfect for this, I have in fact used it in 3 other cosplays!

Pretty perfect! All it needs is washing ( I lent it to a girl who well....its gross lts leave it there) brushing and de fuzzing and its ready to go!

SO I washed it, left it to dry, stoped my cat form wrecking it 5 times and got to restyling it. As you can see belong it had some fuzz and knots going on. I brushed it out, then used a flat brush and hairdryer straighten the fibres back into perfect lines. HANDY TIP: Long wigs like this in part get messy due to static making them cling to everything, I use a dryer sheets in a spray bottle with some water remove that problem by spraying my mix and brushing it through. Makes management much easier, you can add some scented water or fabric conditioner for extra scent. I use lavender personally, I just like it.

BEHOLD, A 8 YEAR ODL WIG THATS BEEN USED MANY MANY TIMES, STILL LOOKING AMAZING. This wig was from a brand of wigs that used to exist called FantasySheep. I really really miss them


Cost: £0.00


A simple light blue, bought one form ebay, fun fact! This style of wide headband is called a "Alice headband"

STATUS: Awaiting delivery

Cost: £2.25


A light blue rhombus diamond on black string.

1- To make this I first found a shape that matched what I was after, funny enough it was a diamond off an old cosplay! (Alisa Bosnocovitch)

2- Using that I made a mold using a 2 part putty that sets in 10 mins and fully cures in 1 hour. I was pretty happy with it! Plus mixing the putty evenly was really relaxing and let me pretend to be 5 again, always a plus

3- I filled the mold with UV clear resin and used a heat gun to get most of the bubbles out. I fail at getting all the bubbles out, decide that anyone who even notices can kiss my ass, move on.

4- I left it to cure under a UV lamp for 30 mins, while the instructions say 3mins I often find it ends up tacky, So I leave it longer while I work on other things, touching sticky shit is the worst and I just WONT DO IT

5- After that I sand the edges and top to make sure everything looks nice and even.

6- Using scrap blue glitter vinyl, use more uv resin to attach onto the back of the gem, this creates a more in depth look then painting the back would, I leave this to cure then cut off the excess. I end up touching it while still sticky, I hate myself

7- Last step! I now paint the top of the gem with a high gloss nailpolish to really bring shine out, and leave to dry.

8 - To attach the gem to a cord, I needed an option that didn't require drilling (as I don't have that tool). In the end I purchased this glue on pendant bail

9 - Then I just put t on a black leather thong, added clamps on the end for my lobster clasp and I was done. Look through the gallery below for the full process and final result.



Cost: £1.99


Ok so like, from some of this art it looks like the blue band has a lightning pattern around the whole thing?

So the plan is, make a blue wristband out of the same fabric that I make the headband (the colours are all over the place) and add a gold lightning bolt in vinyl the whole way round.Clearly a stretch fabric is needed. For the gold Im gonna be using Coscrafts Gold fabric vinyl as I think its a nice subtle colour, but will have to see how it all looks next to each other. I intend to use this same color on the skirt trim, logo and belt as well.


Cost: £0.00 Scraps



Super logo

Making this by layering vinyl, a layer of gold, then a layer of red on top thats a color match for the red on the rest of the outfit.

I drew the logo by hand, I decided not to use the one from my other Supergirl cosplay as this one is mildly softer and im bored af.

After that I scan and convert to my digital cutting program. I have two cuts, A gold background and a red layer. They will be ironed directly onto the costume when done. Red vinyl is from GM Crafts

Status: Waiting on Materials

Cost: £5.00



I hate making these and do not even wanna think about it, maybe i can just use my other belt form my other superirl -_-

Shoes & Socks

Ahh the real reason I wanna do this cosplay, flat comfy shoes. They even look easy to PUT ON AND TAKE OFF. MADNESS

So first up I bought these off ebay, Truthfully I wish they where a bit taller? But its all I could find

Clearly the wrong shoe laces, so had to get some white ones, super long ones which was annoying to find!

Status: In Progress

Cost: £20.00


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