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Leather/Pleather Stain Tutorial

So you wanna make a new costume but the artwork calls for boots/gloves/leather accessory in colours that just DON'T exist or are super expensive. You heard about this one person who painted theirs and it just flaked everywhere they wore them. Don't worry, we can fix this.

This is NOT a paid for advertisement. I just really like this product!


What you will need :

+ Base shoes/gloves/ item: Get these in whatever style or price you want, The best

colour to get is white, allowing to exact control over the final colour,

however think of this product as a stain or tint, For example I turned tan

into red, tan into dark brown, but needed white to make yellow ect. I have

found this product takes to fake and real leather (but not to gloss!)

+ TLC All in one leather colorant. (Buy it here) This product goes a long way, I did 3 coats

calf boots with 1 pen but needed 3 pens for my thigh high yellow

boots. When in doubt buy the 125ml. That will be more then enough

+ Makeup sponge (Any sponge would technically do, but I find makeup sponges

blend better and come in varying useful shapes. You can find cheap packs at your local £ store)

+ Hairdryer

+ OPTIONAL EXTRA: Leather finish in Matte, Satin or Gloss (Find it here!)

Before and After


The Process

  1. Set your self up with an area to paint in, this product has no odour and requires no gloves (Though using them has the obvious advantage of not scrubbing paint off your hands!) Make sure your hairdryer is plugged in and close at hand. Protect the surface you are painting on if needed.

  2. Stuff the item until no creases can be seen. This will make it easier to paint and helps avoid missing spots.

  3. If using a touch up pen, use pliers to remove foam tip, it’s basically useless. If using from Paint bottle, skip this step.

  4. Apply one thin coat of paint to surface. As the layers build up, uneven colour patches will fade away so do not worry too much about uneven colour. Just keep the coat fairly thin.

  5. Use hairdryer on item, being careful not to focus heat on one spot for too long and melt the item. This stain drys very fast and will be easy to see when it is done.

  6. Turn to other side and repeat steps 4 & 5

  7. Add next layer of paint, dry and repeat until colour is correct.

  8. If you purchased leather finish, apply to item in same manner, using a sponge and drying between coats, this is useful for protecting the colour of lighter items or changing the finish to a gloss look. Let this final layer dry for 24 hours

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