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February Update

I cant believe its February already!? Anyway here is what i've been up-to!

New Etsy Items

So I hate waste. Like really hate it and sadly theres a lot of it in costume making and I HOARD IT ALL.

But that takes up like a lot of space so my goal this year is try find fun things to make from this waste!

So first thing of the year Im making is some Star Trek Discovery themed ties out of left over vinyl from my other work. Made one design tonight and will think on others in the days to come, after that Im looking at making some necklaces and bow ties? Who knows!

Finished Tie 1. Gotta think of some more variations!

Mortica Addams Upgrades

I also pulled out some black beads I've hoarded for like...5 years now and decided to add some lace and beadwork to my Mortica Addams Dress to make it more interesting. It's time consuming. It's finicky, but I'm loving the look so far! I'm also using some stunning Indian lace I've also had for about 5 years to cut motif's from. Then I bead them and hand stitch them onto the neckline. When I'm done it will be around the shoulders, up the arms and bleeding up from the dress hem.

I also want to repaint THING. I painted him years ago a fairly flat colour, but I might get out the old airbrush and give him a better skin colour paint job!

Right side nearly done!

Star Trek Discovery Cosplay

So season 2 is airing and its AMAZING. I had been intending to remake my own discovery uniform but now Im redirecting that focus to the uniforms of the Enterprise crew from this season. Same basic design, different colours and different challenges! In particular I aim to make and cosplay Number One (played by Rebecca Romijn). Im super excited to revisit this universe and make this uniform!

She's badass and I'd die for her

Yennefer on Etsy

Are a lot of people cosplaying Yennefer this year? Cause i've been up to my eyeballs in orders for my Yennefer Ribbons and scarfs. Spent many a night working on them which is backbreaking work! But I do love the finished product <3

I also now offer patches for her gloves! Check out my etsy for all 3 items!

Hela Cosplay

She's still happening! Took time away from her as she's frankly too complicated to work on when my minds still a bit fuzzy from various things. So no further work has been done on her other then stripping the vinyl from the swords and resanding them again. I was rushing when I put them together and didn't sand them as well and needed and I rushed adding the vinyl, wasn't happy so spent about 2 hours stripping them back. Going back over old territory is frustrating but finishing an item and hating it is worse.

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