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6 Cosplays Challenge

To help keep my social media engaged and myself entertained I decided to do the 6 cosplays challenge. The idea that people give you character suggestions and you try and do a test with them.

For me I decided to only do characters that I can make with materials and supplies I already own, to save money and wastage (as the characters will likely never manifest as a full costume for a convention)

This post will chronicle the 6 I choose to do and the mini builds they may or may not require!

1- Stargirl (CW TV series)

So while I'm enjoying the show, I HATE this outfit. There s nothing wrong with it, just not my style. However I had a wig that I thought might pass and I thought doing the mask could be fun.

As this was designed to be fun I decided not to stress over get it perfect or entirely accurate. I'll leave that nonsense for my bigger builds.

So I first made a paper template by sketching out the rough shape I felt it should be.

I then transferred this onto some scrap KobraCast I had. I could have used and material that is heat shapeable tbh, but I didn't have anything else in my workroom. The thing I don't love about this product is how sticky it is, just holding it in place for smoothing can get you stuck to it which distorts the shape if you pull when still warm. I used a heat gun to warm the product, put it on a mannequin head and let it take shape.

If this was a more serious cosplay i'd do the shaping on my own face, but I honestly could not be bothered...

Then taking hot-glue and some great blue material That i felt was a pretty decent colour match and texture match, i stretched the material over the mask, folding in the edges.

When I went to try it on the first time I found the forehead was waaaay too big, Thankfully I literally just cut 2" off the top without effecting it at all. These are problems you don't face when you properly plan these things. I went out this with a whatever attitude.

After that I punched some holes for some elastic, threw it all all on and called it a damn day. The wig came out way paler in my photo, from standing in the wrong light but again. Whatever.

Did I LEARN anything from this? Mainly just that I don't do my best work without planning and when I'm impatient. Also why I don't use kobracast. SO I guess I learned to restock my worbla?

2 - Mary Jane Watson - I love Spiderman

A very very common cosplay,

I chose this from my suggestions because:

1) I had a red wig

2) It needed a restyle anyway

3) I had left over vinyl from my Supergirl Project to make the shirt

4) I wanted to try doing "sexy" makeup.

I needed to tidy a wig that had been heat and friction damaged from its last wear. A task I find soothing! This is my wig from my Mara Jade Skywalker Star Wards Cosplay and was last worn at a very hot event. From wigisfashion

In an upcoming post I will outline how I go about this process and how you can use it to fix those convention ruined wigs.

Next! The shirt! I keep cheap blank shirts in stock for whenever the urge to make a shirt strikes me.

Using GM CRFATS Stretch red vinyl I cut the heart and eyes, this is the first layer, This was heat pressed on under a teflon sheet. I but the heart higher in the neckline as in the original art thats where it sits.

After that I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut the black detail layer in GM Crafts Black stretch vinyl, then again this was heat pressed on under a teflon layer.

For makeup I used this tutorial

Final Product:

I LOVED the shirt but really struggled with getting photos I liked, I often struggle with my looks so the idea of trying to appear "hot" without self mockery was pretty hard. The photos have grown on me since however.

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