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SO I just came home from Starfury LUX last weekend, a convention for fans of the previously owned Fox but now owned Lucifer TV series.

The cast was pretty amazing and clearly have a deep love for the show and each other. One thing I noticed in the lead up to the con was how little merch there is for the show! Frustrating for a fan to be sure.

Well since Ive got a lot of spare time on my hands atm I decided to whip up my own little bit of nerdy fun, a "in universe" style shirt of the nightclub "Lux" owned and used in the show.

All I really needed was some gold glitter vinyl, a plain black shirt in a style I like and to design a file.

Thankfully the logo is pretty simple and most branded shirts for clubs and things have a similar font and design style which I followed. Then I imported the file into my vinyl cutting app. I used a lovely Dark gold glitter vinyl from GMCrafts and set my machine to cut! Thankfully its a simple design so it cut quickly!

Then I centred the design on my shirt and ironed it on! Easy and quick.

For fun I also added a little devil tail on the back of the shirt.

Check out the results below!

(and check out my etsy shop where you can buy your own LUX decal to devil up your attire with!)

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